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Vintage Johann Maria Farina Gegenuber Kolnisch Juchten Cologne


Kolnisch Juchten was first produced in 1685 - 1766  by Johann Maria Farina, the world's oldest Eau de Cologne manufacturer in Koln, established in 1685.  Johann maria Farina Stopped production and the formula was tweaked and made by a new company called Parfums Regence (still is, from all reports). The new version is heavier on the birch tar. We are offering the original Johann Maria Farina gegenüber dem Jülichs-platz (Johann Maria Farina - also marked Rote Farina Marke on the bottle) This formula is a bit sweeter and boozier and not quite as burnt and in your face as the Parfums regence version

Vintage Farina Gegenuber Kolnisch Jucten is the most interesting leather out there.  
A rich, boozy, smoky leather scent unlike anything else.  "Juchten” is the German term for Russian leather. The rich, woody, smoky odor that came to be associated with Russian leather is due to the application of birch tar in the tanning process.  A very deep, dark, balsamic fragrance that smells of old black leather, tar, and charred woods.  The notes are Birch tar, Russian leather, amber, Musk, tobacco, a hint of woods,.  Gorgeous for either men or women!! 
If you love leather, and you haven't smelled this one, its a must!!

This is a cologne, and it is vintage, and it smells absolutely perfect, but like all colognes, it's not meant to last for hours.  They used to sell this in vats so you could splash it on.  Upon application it is a more powerful, sweet boozy aromal but quickly dries down to a soft purr of a musk leather blend with the tiniest hint of the birch tar peeking through- A wonderful skin scent!!

Reviews at Perfume Smellin' Things and Basenotes as well as reviews the more easily found Parfums Regence version, which I understand has a lot more birch tar in it, but is still availabe from a small perfumery in San Francisco, Jaqueline 
415-981-0858  So if you love the newer version, you can call & order it from Jacqueline



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