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MariaLux Deeply

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Deeply is - a confession. A confession of love, a confession of passion. "But all lust yearns for eternity, a deep, deep eternity" Friedrich Nietzsche's Zarathustra knew this - and love searches for nothing but the same.

Deeply combines and fuses ambergris with cinnamon, an amour fou that shines bright with its blazing fire. Spicy with a tart sweetness, gourmand, skin-like, charming and flirtatious, fruity nuances, a hint of apple and slightly resinous, Deeply reflects all the facets of passion and is definitely able to entice.

Under the euphonious name of MariaLux the famous Dutch designer Lilian Driessen (fashion, furniture, store concepts such as "Avery" London, Modena, New Orleans) has launched a trio of fragrances trio dedicated to her alter ego, Maria Lux. Lilian Driessen, describes this as her muse: The name "Maria" evokes the image of the Virgin, the mother and the lover. "Lux" is short for light, luxury and lust. The perfumes were created by Alessandro Gualtieri.

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