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D.S. & Durga Hylnds - Spirit of the Glen

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HYLNDS by D.S. & Durga Sample set of all 4 fragrances

HYLNDS by D.S. & Durga came about by David (of D.S. & Durga) reading Yate’s Wandering of Oisin.  He wanted to climb into the writing and figure out what everything meant so he did research on the myths associated with the region. According to the creators, this unisex line features four fragrances that “invokes those places on our planet where the otherworld seems nigh.  It is set in the mythical border regions of early Northern European Cultures – Norse, Orcadian, Scotti, Celtic, Pict, Manx and Angle.  Through very real materials – rare plant extracts, precious balsams, and other choice ingredients – we are able to access haunting memories of a faded era.”

HYLNDS by D.S. & Durga releases its new scent, Spirit of the Glen, in collaboration with The Glenlivet. D.S. & Durga have delved deep into the rich history, flora, and pristine whisky of legendary Speyside, Scotland, home of The Glenlivet. This unisex eau de parfum uses accords taken from all aspects of whisky production: fruity-green Speyside spirit, aged Limousin oak casks, charred bourbon barrels, and wild pineapple weed. Spirit of the Glen starts fresh, releases wood in the heart, and dries down to a rich vanillic wood reminiscent of the lingering finish of The Glenlivet.It is an eau de parfum. EDP

 HYLNDS pear, grass and pineapple weed; MDLNDS limousin oak, wild chamomile and hay; LWLNDS of barley malt, charred bourbon barrel and sherry cask. 



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