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Creed Windsor - Limited Edition - Vaulted Fragrance

Creed Windsor - Limited Edition creedwindsor
Windsor was issued in December 2009 as a Limited Edition with a very limited amount of bottles issued.  All CREED products are purchased through either Neiman Marcus or the CREED BOUTIQUE in Paris.

Created in 1936 for King Edward VII of England, Creed has reissued this legendary scent.

Classification: Citrus / Green.

  • Top Note: British gin, Jamaican lime and a touch of Scottish highland pine.
  • Middle Note: "Duke of Windsor" roses, those he preferred in his own garden, the Nuits de Young variety.
  • Bottom Note: Bahamian orange, Canadian cedar and a dab of Australian eucalyptus.

Currently decanting from Batch # C8110E01

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